Find Your PNC Routing Number Here

Find Your PNC Routing Number Here

Your PNC routing number mainly represents the exact location of your bank where your checking account is opened. They also help to deposit or transfer money from one bank to another or one state to another state’s bank. There are a lot of ways to find the routing numbers of your bank.

How to get Your PNC Routing Number through Your Bank?

The first way to find the routing number you have to call the PNC customer care center. The PNC is very tricky because it has many numbers in a single state. In Pennsylvania, where it was first founded there are more than six routing numbers of PNC.

PNC Routing Number

You can get your exact routing number by calling on your own branch where you opened your account. Some times it is very confusing to contact them, you run the risk of thinking you opened it in Central South when you opened it in Central North. You can call their national number – (888) 762-2265. You can also find the Wells Fargo Routing Number here.

How to find PNC Routing Number on Personal check?

  1. You can also lookup your routing number on your personal deposit check. It is mostly present on the left bottom of your check beside the account number. You can also see your account number rather than your routing number.

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Huntington Routing Number

Through your Online Statement or Banking

Online banking portal is very useful for accessing your account. If you have already activated your PNC online banking then you need to do the following things to find your RTN.

  • Select online banking and then select your account.
  • Now click on the “ show accounting and routing number” list. This will be given below the account pull-down selector.
  • You will be asked to verify your identity ( in case of a non-virtual wallet account).
  • Click on the online account statement link from the account activity page.
  • You have to click to click on the account statement link, it will provide you the whole statement of your account. Your account number and routing number and wire transfer information will be given.

Through Smart Access Card

You can also find your routing numbers if your online banking and smart cards are activated by PNC. You need to follow the following steps.

find pnc routing number

  • Select your online banking.
  • Now select your online smart card access.
  • Click on to sign in to your smart card access by clicking on the link available right to your balance activity.
  • After signing in to your smart card access your overall account detail will be given such as your routing number, your account number. It will be available under the “ Direct Deposit Information” section on the account summary page.

The other routing numbers of PNC vary according to the states and location. If you do not want to contact your branch or access your online banking then the routing numbers list is given below. These are given below in the table.

PNC Routing Number List

       State Name        ABA Routing number
Alabama062001209, 053100850, 043000096, 065103887, 065103625
Florida043002900, 267084199
Georgia053100850, 061192630, 043002900, 061119639
Indiana083009060, 083000108, 071921891
New Jersey031207607
New YorkNo RTN, Contact Local Branch
North Carolina043000096
Ohio042000398, 041000124
Ohio Youngstown043000096
Pennsylvania Central North


Pennsylvania – Central South


Pennsylvania – Northeast031300012
Pennsylvania Northwest043300738
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia031000053
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh043000096
Washington D.C.054000030

Wire Transfer: The wire transfer used for international and domestic transactions. Wire transfer needs a routing number along with a swift code. If you are sending money locally or doing a domestic wire transfer then you only need a PNC routing number. If you want to do an international wire transfer then you also need a swift code along with routing numbers.

Type of Wire TransferPNC Routing Number
International Wire Transfer to PNC account in the USAABA Routing Number with swift code.
Swift codePNCCUS33
Domestic Wire TransferABA Routing Number only.

What are the PNC Routing Numbers?

Actually the routing numbers are developed by American Bankers Associations more than 100 years ago. These are commonly used to identify individual federal and state-chartered financial institutions. So that is the reason behind calling these numbers as ABA numbers and RT numbers( short form of Routing Transit).

Need for PNC Routing Numbers:  This is a very important number and should be remembered. The account holder can perform various work through these routing numbers.

Routing number used for:

  • Setting up direct deposits.
  • Automatic bill and loan payments online.
  • You also need these when you do a tax refund or debit a tax payment.
  • These numbers are used for Automated Clearing House (ACH).
  • You also need these when doing transactions between two different banks.
  • You can send money to a family member abroad.
  • You can send money to a friend
  • You can also pay a bill in another country
  • You can pay off your mortgage or loan abroad easily.

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In short, all banks and chartered institution of federal governments use these routing numbers for all sort of financial transactions through the word.