How to find wells Fargo routing number?

wells fargo routing number

There are many ways to find the routing numbers. You can also find your routing number at your bank check. It is located at the bottom left of personal account check.

  • Open official website of wells Fargo, and here you can find any routing number easily. Check here
  • The other method to find the routing number is to call wells Fargo customer center. You have to call at 800-956-4442, they will ask you some questions, you need to provide all necessary details to identify yourself, then representative will be able to confirm your identity and account’s routing number. The wells Fargo dealer services also require this routing number.

What are the Wells Fargo Routing Numbers?

Routing numbers are actually 9 digits numbers which Wells Fargo bank used to identify customers IDs. It is a type of addresses which are used to find customers credit account as you login wells Fargo. These routing numbers are used for many purposes. These purposes are following.

How to find wells Fargo routing number?

  • Customers can use routing numbers to settings up the direct deposit.
  • These are used to receiving benefits from government and tax refunds.
  • These routing numbers are used to transfer money from a bank to another bank account. It is also used to transfer between two different banks or investment organizations.
  • Routing numbers are used to make automatic bill payments.
  • Domestic wire transfer are done through routing numbers.
  • ACH payments are also done with the help of routing numbers.

How to Find Wells Fargo Routing Number on Check?

Wells Fargo banking or financial services provides checks to the consumers. When you look at your Wells Fargo bank check, then you will see there are two types of numbers are available at bottom of the check. The right sided numbers are calked account number and the left sided number are called routing transit numbers.

But it is different in the business check, routing numbers are available at the middle in the button line. Sometimes these routing numbers are called routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, RTNs.

Routing numbers varies from states to states. It depends upon the location where you have created or opened your bank account number. Many banks have their different routing numbers mostly which have their different branches in more than one state. Wells Fargo bank uses separate routing numbers for different states.

StateABA Routing Number
Alabama 062000080
Alaska 125200057
Arizona 122105278
Iowa 073000228
Kentucky 121042882
Louisiana 121042882
Massachusetts 121042882
Missouri 113105449
Montana 092905278
Nebraska 104000058
New Hampshire121042882
North Dakota091300010
North Carolina053000219
New York026012881
New Jersey021200025
New Mexico 107002192
Rhode Island121042882
South Carolina053207766
South Dakota091400046
Texas – El Paso112000066
Washington, D.C.054001220
West Virginia121042882

Routing numbers are used for international and local wire transfer because wire transfer is faster way to send money than ACH. A customer can make wire transfer by visiting Wells Fargo bank branch.

How to do Wire transfer using Routing Number?

Routing numbers are used to wire transfer locally and internationally. If you want to do online wire transfer then

Sign on to your Well Fargo account online.

There will be and option available with name “Wire Money” in transfer and Pay menu.

You need to put recipients details. Then wire transfer will be done successfully.

How to use Local/domestic wire transfer routing number?

Wells Fargo banking services use a different routing number for domestic wire transfer. This routing number is 121000248. Wells  used this routing number instead regular ABA routing number.

  • If you want to do domestic wire transfer then you will need some necessary information such as Name of the person to whom you are wiring funds or beneficiaries.
  • You need to put name and address of the beneficiary’s bank.
  • Routing number of beneficiary’s bank.
  • The beneficiary’s account number.

this is the simplest way to do domestic wire transfer.

How to use International wire transfer Routing number?

In this case Wells Fargo uses the SWIFT code which is WFBIUS6S for all international wires from wells Fargo and to wells  account. SWIFT is actually the society for worldwide inter bank financial telecommunications are the international equivalents of United States of America routing number. If you want to do international wire transfer then this method will be helpful for you.

  • For international wire transfer you will need the name of the person who is receiving the wiring fund. Or it can be beneficiary in other words.
  • You need to know the name and exact address of the person/beneficiary’s bank.
  • You need to know the account number of person/beneficiary.
  • The mist important step is the SWIFT code of your bank and that bank where you are wiring the fund.
  • You have to choose the purpose of payment and currency being sent.